Keep your people 

Your people start their job with a sense of purpose and belonging.
Use Emplified to maintain and retain them.

Seven out of 10 employees are looking for new opportunities. It's a culture and engagement issue, and 87% of companies cite this as one of their top priorities.

Companies that define meaningful work and provide their people with the tools to impact engagement in real time outperform their peers in performance and in attracting talent. Yet, less than 60% of organizations do anything to resolve this issue, resulting in overwhelming disengagement and expensive turnover.

Emplified measures the elements of company culture that best determine long-term performance.

Continuously taking the pulse of your organization with just a few questions, a few times a week, giving managers real-time data to help keep their team engaged.



Are given individualized data to understand their career development and how they can improve.



Are provided real-time data to help keep their team engaged and retain talented workers.



Are given the ability to see how changes, small or drastic, affect their company culture.

Emplified delivers honest data directly from your workforce in a way that no other solution can. Here is what Emplified does for customers:


Removes Assumptions

Our real-time employee sentiment data has helped managers create incremental, measurable change within their teams. No large annual change initiatives that lead nowhere or sifting through complicated reports.


Increases Communication

Teams that use Emplified have seen significant increases in transparency, trust, and communication about issues and opportunities that impact the long-term success of the team.


Connects with Employees

Emplified speaks to employees in a way that they understand and can relate to. The result is a participation rate more than three times better than leading engagement surveys, and genuine real-time data that helps teams stay proactive and competitive.


Maximizes Time and Money

Emplified is a fraction of the cost of engagement surveys and runs for a period of 45 days, providing an unprecedented view into the sentiment of your team and how it changes over time, all in less than 5 minutes per day

So how does it work?

Employees answer just a few questions a week, creating a picture of your culture that is as fluid as the everchanging landscape of your business. These data points come together to present detailed set of vital signs, helping you to understand trends and proactively ensure that your leadership gets bottom-line results.

Emplified is an intuitive, minimally invasive, turnkey solution to get you genuine, real-time data about the issues and opportunities that matter most on your team.

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