About Emplified

We are dedicated to helping people get the most meaning and satisfaction out of their work.

We all spend more than a quarter of our lives building, making, growing, and justifying ourselves professionally. At Emplified, we want to make sure that these hours are valued.

We started Emplified as managers, employees, and leaders who could not find a way to connect in a significant way with our teams. When we say significant, we mean real communication that is honest, genuine, and valuable to making decisions and supporting the individuals who make up the team.

Instead, we had a lot of tools that spurred superficial conversations and yielded disengagement and turnover.

We built Emplified to solve this problem for ourselves. Specifically, we wanted to create a process that would allow everyone on a team to learn about their own experience while contributing feedback to the group as a whole. We wanted this to be done in a safe and relevant place.

Not everyone likes to communicate in the same way, and people have different needs, expectations, and goals for their experience at work – so a one-size-fits-all solution was out of the question.

Our technology was developed hand-in-hand with managers, employees, and leaders across dozens of companies. The result of this collaboration was a system that connects with employees in a way that they trust, understand, and relate to, providing genuine and honest data that helps the whole team make proactive decisions about the experience of work.

We only get one go-around, and at Emplified we want to make sure that the part of our lives that we spend at work is meaningful not just to us, but also those around us. Learn how to use daily data to drive your company culture and bring engagement to your team.

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